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Title: Fire the Extra Mile
Author: Antonia Tyus
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Book Summary:

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How does one find and achieve the American Dream jobless in a troubled economy in the state of recession? How does one remain in good character as a single parent and find strength to move on? What does one do when ones patience is tried to the max? What does one do in the time of adversity? How does one in the mist of overall rejection discover identity and purpose? Come witness a familiar story, one of many of how a young woman in the mist of her journey through adversity meets her Maker; the Fire in the burning bush that is not consumed like with Moses, but discovers within herself. Come see how in the mist of the fire and the extra mile a miracle is performed; from a hopeless situation to a wonderland of favor. See how little can be worth so much. Just in case a reminder is needed; keep the light, the fire within, and go the extra mile. Don’t give up, with God nothing is impossible.

This story was partly inspired by true stories from various individuals’ experiences. This story is dedicated to the college class of 2002.






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